Manager's Red Book-Grocery Deli Dept.

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Manager's Red Book-Grocery Deli Dept.
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This Quarterly, legal-sized playbook provides managers 2 pages per day and is designed specifically for deli operations.


The Manager's Red Book – Deli, F2180
This Quarterly, legal-sized playbook provides managers 2 pages per day and is designed specifically for deli operations.
Use this tool to drive an exceptional customer experience through consistency across one or more locations. Track, and continually assess, all aspects of your business. Create a culture of shared goals, best practices, effective communication, vision, recognition, and values. Keep track of critical information, KPIs, and drive accountability. The playbook is filled with helpful sections designed to support your management team.
- Annual, Monthly, and Holiday Calendars
- Daily Pages - 2 per day
- Weekly Meeting Topics
- Customer Communications - Requests and Feedback
- Weekly Management Schedule
- Monthly Recap - Sales, Vendor/Warehouse Issues, Advertising Review, Employee Issues, Store Communication, and Department Highlights
- Staff Reviews this Month
- Monthly Numbers
- Notes
- Descriptions on how to use the playbook
Daily Pages Include:
- Weather notes
- Daily reminders
- Sales & Productivity Reminders
- To be Done
- Prep Notes
- Sale Items & Movement Record
- Repair & Maintenance Concerns with Safety notes
- Shorts & Out of Stocks
- Employee Issues with Training Tips
- Customer Input, Requests, and Follow-up
- Shift Highlights
Product Benefits:
- Run shifts proactively with 20 years of industry best practices at your side
- Drive a consistent customer experience across all locations
- Prepare for upcoming events and promotions
- Record data and key financial information
- Measure and compare against goals
- Resolve unexpected variances
- Focus on daily priorities
- Key-in on all aspects of the business
- Improve communication between shifts
- Utilize signature areas in every section
- Provide feedback and evaluate team performance
- Provides a historical reference that creates community
"It helps in the day to day running of the business and makes it much easier to give reports to other shifts."
Additional Information:
- Join the 100,000 managers who depend on our playbooks every year.
- Save on your total shipping costs, order annually.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Binding Coil
Binding Color Black
Book Size Legal
Calendar Type Calendar
Cover Color Red
Pages Per Day 2 Page(s) Per Day
Time Period Quarterly
Materials 8.5" x 14" Blue 20lb paper
8.5" x 14" Canary 20lb paper
8.5" x 14" White 20lb paper
9" x 14" White 90lb index
9"x 14" C2S 18 pt. White cover
Unprinted 2 pocket insert