Hotel Guest Services

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Hotel Guest Services
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This quarterly, legal-sized playbook provides 2 pages per day and is designed specifically for hotel operations.

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Hotel Guest Services, F4047
This quarterly, legal-sized playbook provides 2 pages per day and is designed specifically for hotel operations.
Give every guest the feel of VIP treatment. Equip your guest services professionals to go beyond expectations. Provide a guest services tool that organizes their day and the important guests they touch.
- Annual, Quarterly, Multi-year, and Holiday Calendars
- Daily Pages - 2 per day
- Monthly Planning Objectives
- Weekly Action Plans
- Monthly Summary
- Monthly Planning Objectives
- Notes
- Hospitality Audit
- Manager's Minutes article
Daily Pages Include:
- Weather notes
- Last Year & Today's Rates
- Daily reminders
- Day Guest Services Schedule
- Groups in House
- Events in Area
- To be Done
- Daily Communication
- Guest Requests Tracking
- Equipment & Supplies to Order
- Repair & Maintenance Concerns
- Competitive Information
Product Benefits:
- Focuses the management team on daily priorities
- Plan for in-house groups, tours and local events
- Stay updated on need-to-know facts
- Improves communication between shifts
- Increases accountability of all team members
- Keeps managers at the front desk and out of the office
- Provides historical reference of who worked and what happened
- Holds all management information in one location
"Our Red Book (Guest Services Red Book) - is a very valuable and important tool for the front desk that i would recommend to all hotels."
"The book has been a great asset to our Front Desk."
Additional Information:
- Save on your total shipping costs, order annually.
- Did you like what you see, but are more Interested in customizing your playbook?
Contact us at for more information.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Binding Coil
Binding Color Black
Book Size Legal
Calendar Type Calendar
Cover Color Red
Pages Per Day 2 Page(s) Per Day
Time Period Quarterly
Materials 8.5" x 14" Blue 20lb paper
8.5" x 14" Canary 20lb paper
8.5" x 14" White 20lb paper
9" x 14" Blue 90lb index
9" x 14" Canary 90lb index
9" x 14" Cherry 90lb index
9"x 14" C2S 18 pt. White cover
Unprinted 2 pocket insert

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