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Maintenance & Engineering
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This quarterly, legal-sized playbook provides 2 pages per day and is designed specifically for hotel operations.


Hotel Maintenance and Engineering, F6181
This quarterly, legal-sized playbook provides 2 pages per day and is designed specifically for hotel operations.
Keep your hotel running like a well-oiled machine. Encourage acting in a guest-first way. Record and track items that need regular inspection or immediate attention from engineering professionals. Acting fast is critical to a guest's experience.
- Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Multi-year, and Holiday Calendars
- Daily Pages - 2 per day
- Monthly Checklists
- Monthly Preventative Maintenance Guideline
- End of Month Recap
- Swimming Pool Operations
- Spa / Hot Tub Operations
- Manager's Minutes Article
- 2-sleeve pocket
Daily Pages Include:
- Weather notes
- Engineering Daily Schedule
- Safety notes
- Occupancy Details
- Out-of-order Rooms
- Shift Meetings & Focus Areas
- Groups In-house & VIPs
- Today's Projects & Follow-ups
- Materials & Parts to be Ordered
- Deliveries Scheduled Today
- Safety & Security Concerns
- Scheduled Deliveries
- Elevator / Escalator Trouble Calls
- Fire Life Safety
- Reminders
- Signature Area
Product Benefits:
- Run shifts proactively with 20 years of industry best practices at your side
- Provides engineering professionals a daily resource to maintain your operation
- Drive consistent customer experience
- Focus on daily priorities
- Improves communication between shifts
- Provides a historical reference
"I love our book, I know this is what the other property needs. This program if followed correctly, creates an effective way to communicate important information. It also creates an efficient, informed team."
"I like how the books provided for my engineering team are set up to keep my team organized for tasks that need to be completed."
Additional Information:
- Save on your total shipping costs, order annually.
- Did you like what you see, but are more Interested in customizing your playbook?
Additional Information

Additional Information

Binding Coil
Binding Color Black
Book Size Legal
Calendar Type Calendar
Cover Color Green
Pages Per Day 2 Page(s) Per Day
Time Period Quarterly
Materials 8.5" x 14" 2 part perforated carbonless
8.5" x 14" Canary 20lb paper
8.5" x 14" single perforated 90lb index
8.5" x 14" White 20lb paper
9" x 14" White 90lb index
9"x 14" C2S 18 pt. White cover
Unprinted 2 pocket insert

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